02 Mar 2007 @ 10:18 AM 

Middle finger babyTo all Malaysians, I have a Chinese New Year wake up call for you, “Stop being/acting like babies!”

Since returning from Germany the past 2 weeks, I’ve seen this prevailing trend among Malaysians. Please bloody fucking grow up. Pardon me French.

Before a big question mark appear above your head, let me tell you why…

I came back from Penang reading this Malaysiakini article regarding so-called small and medium stock market speculators blaming Pak Lah for painting a rosy picture of the stock market and caused them to suffer heavy losses after the recent slump.

said article can be found here http://www.malaysiakini.com/news/63973 (you need a subscription to read the full text. Get one you cheapskate.)

Why would you even listen to him at the first place? And if you are so easily swayed by the mere rubbish coming out of our Malaysian politicians, I think it’s about time you stop investing and put your money to better use like supporting “Satu lagi Projek Kerajaan Barisan Nasional” projects. At least someone benefits.

Staying on the topic, the recent talk about banning fast food adverts proves my point of Malaysians relying on the Government like tit sucking babies.

Do you need the Government to dictate your decisions? If you know that fast food is unhealthy, stop eating it! Doesn’t take a genius to know that soft drinks are filled with sugar and processed meat are unhealthy. Educate your kids to stop eating fast food. Give them an apple or something. I’m all for stopping Mcdonald’s poisoning the youth on Hello Kitty toys but Malaysian hawker food isn’t going to help reduce those love handles as well.

My advice is to take everything in moderation. I drink, but I drink in moderation. I play video games, but I know when to stop. I eat char kuey teow, but I know when I might start pissing oil.

The more we show our reliance on the Government the more they will think that we need them rather than they need us. We must put them in their place by showing that we are the ones that voted them in. They serve the rakyat and not the other way around. Save the trivial matters to ourselves. This will only give them the excuse of saying we Malaysians are not matured enough and allow them to divert our attention from more important topics like battling corruption and education.

Being back home recently, I realised Malaysia is a great place, but it’s really time for Malaysians to change. It might be a tough hill to climb as there are still lots of uneducated Malaysians in the villages who are easily swayed by RM30 come the elections. But for those who could afford an education and have at least the conscience to vote with your mind, please do the right thing. I’m not telling you to vote the opposition but rather open your eyes and ears and look at the real picture. Don’t be afraid to ask questions during their campaigns and please grow up. You might just give your children a better place to grow up.

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