30 Aug 2007 @ 11:20 AM 

To celebrate the spirit of Merdeka and to stay true to the spirit of this site, I shall write something which has nothing to do at all with Merdeka; me and video games.

The 80′s

I’ve been playing video games since Madonna was a virgin and chicks wearing jeans above their waist was cool. The good ol’ 80s. I still remember the first time I played a video game. It was in Australia circa 1987. The game was none other than the legendary Pong. It was the cool thing in the 80s to have an “arcade in your home on your TV”. The “controllers” were called “paddles” and it’s more of a knob than anything. Think of the gas knob on your kitchen stove. Now imagine twisting that knob for a day. And unlike the consoles of today, these things cost a bunch and more. Imagine paying an equivalent of USD 400 today to hit a bright dot on TV to and fro.

The 80s also saw the rise of arcades to screw schoolkids of their 20 cents. Arcades sprouted in all shopping malls like pimples on a 12 year old. I used to blow a weeks allowance trying to steer a car over a straight road that keeps repeating itself. Somehow I never realised that it was actually the road which was moving underneath the car. I was THAT crazy.

Besides that, the 80s saw the emergence of Game & Watch; a fancy name for a handheld LCD game with a display that tells you the time; hence the name. My first was a Mickey Mouse game collecting eggs with a basket. If an egg falls on the ground, then I lose a life. Funny thing was, the basket never gets filled. Another one of life’s mysteries I guess.

The dawn of the 90s saw the invasion of computers into homes thanks to IBM. They gave it the fancy name of Personal Computers because it should only be personally used by you and not kids because it costs a freaking USD 2000 for a monitor which only shows green dots, 32kb of RAM and a Processor which is slower than your toaster.

More in Part II.

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