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To keep up with the tradition of posting during festive holidays (a rule I made up 2 minutes ago), here’s the 2nd part of the trilogy in my quest to show my relationship with video games. (I hope I can stretch it enough to make it in 3 parts.)

Happy Thanksgiving!

The 90′s

The 90′s brought along lots of innovations. Bill Gates became a household name, the Internet is no longer for nerds and gaming too invaded my life like the Germans invaded France and I too gave in like how the French surrendered.

I started off with the Nintendo Entertainment System (or in Malaysia, it’s knock-off Micro Genius). It was bought by my uncle (who is the best Bomberman player I know to date) and the rest is history.

Not merely satisfied with playing on the TV screen, the Game Boy was born. My first game was Tetris and boy did I have mad skillz (at least in my circle of friends before the inevitable coming of YouTube, and boy was I humbled).

The arrival of the 16-bit era is like the arrival of sound in silent movies (it literally is). Now characters actually speak and not spew text out of their mouths like in comics. If I wanna read, I’ll get a book thank you. I got myself a Sega Megadrive system and a memorable mention is the game 幽游白书 (YuYuHakuShou or something like that). It’s one of the lesser known games but boy did we play the heck out of it.

Out of nowhere came the Sony Playstation in 1994 and gamers worldwide burst in a simultaneous nerdgasm (I was not one of them, I swear). Promising 3D graphics unlike what we’ve seen before and “true to life” gaming (term used very loosely), it reinvented the console gaming scene and the silent death of video game arcades worldwide. Metal Gear Solid and Final Fantasy VII were my favourites.

Besides consoles, the PC gaming scene was growing (due to cheaper computers). I got my own PC ca. 1998 and boy was it top o’ the line. An Intel 486 133Mhz Processor with 16MB RAM and 850MB HDD burns through the competition and has other PCs for breakfast. Until the next week. My first game on it was Command & Conquer (the godfather of real-time strategy games).

That sort of wraps up the 90′s and in the next installment, I’ll bring on the 00′s, or the period of 2000-present. I will touch on how gaming is slowly being a social past-time and how it’s becoming a rat race of graphics. Or I will not and just start blabbering about my uber L33T skillz in Cooking Mama.

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