12 Jan 2009 @ 8:02 PM 

As I came home from work, I reopened my Firefox browser only to see that my site (this site) displayed weird, as if the theme was broken.  I then proceeded to make a database backup and reuploaded the theme.  Fortunately the site returned to normal.

However, I noticed that the sponsors were not showing anything and the WP admin was lacking the draggable/expandable features.  Furthermore, clicking on the gallery pictures should blacken the site and load up a bigger picture on the foreground, however this was not the case.  I suspected a javascript problem so I opened the error console in Firefox to see a jQuery not defined error.  Which was puzzling.  I loaded up the site with IE and all seemed to be fine.

Thinking that this was a Firefox error and not my site, I tried to enable javascript but it was already enabled.  I went to other sites and they seemed to work fine.  iGoogle gadgets could still be dragged around.  I then figured this was only happening to my site.  I could have tried on another computer but I left my laptop at work today.

I proceeded to install another WordPress blog and that seemed to work fine.  I therefore resorted to reupload the files under the wp-includes/js/ folder.  Before I did that, I refreshed the site and now it works, only the sponsors were not showing (but that is no big deal, no one notices them anyway).  I logged in and the admin dashboard worked fine.  This is very very puzzling.  Because at first I suspected that someone might have broken the site somehow but the problem resolved magically without my intervention.

I hope if there is anyone who happens to stumble on this site and happens to be an expert/experienced something similar, please enlighten me.  I know this is a long shot but then I just want to throw it out there.

I’m putting this down as a WordPress bug though.

Update 1:  Google ads are not showing at other sites on Firefox too but shown in IE.  So the ads thing should be native to my browser only.

Update 2: I’m aiming for next News Roundup tomorrow or Wednesday.  Stay tuned.

Posted By: Kelvin
Last Edit: 12 Jan 2009 @ 08:13 PM

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