11 Feb 2009 @ 5:48 PM 

After the ruckus that is last week where defections in the Perak government topped the headlines of Malaysian news stories, I would like to introduce a new segment called, “Seriously!?”

Seriously!? Najib, you said there were no money involved when they defected?  What do you think  made them defect to you side?  Your charm?  Your combover?  Seriously!? 2 of them are charged with corruption, 1 of them can’t make up his mind and the another wanted a Camry.  Seriously!?  A Camry?  You’d sell your dignity for a Toyota?  If it’s not the millions promised, or the charges dropped, would one commit political suicide with that move?  Seriously!?

And the 2 of you who failed to turn up in court yesterday.  Seriously!?  Medical leave?  Both on the same day when charges are supposed to be heard?  You didn’t look that sick in this picture.

Malaysiakini pix

Malaysiakini pix

Let’s see another one.

Malaysiakini pix

Malaysiakini pix

Here’s another one

Malaysiakini pix

Malaysiakini pix

Did you guys notice something?  Look through them again.

Hee, why so serious?  Camry not enough?  Go try asking for a Merc.  Or better, how about a submarine or two?  But beware of plastic explosives though.  Seriously!?

And finally, Najib, you said you are sensitive to all races by wanting to show up at a Chinese New Year party in Ipoh?  Have you heard yourself talk?  Seriously!?  It’s like Michael Jackson saying he’ll show up at an 8-year-old’s birthday party.  Seriously!?

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