28 May 2009 @ 7:28 PM 

It’s election fever everywhere!  Like an epidemic.  Malaysia is busy with by-elections at Penanti and Manek Urai, while here in Ulm there are local elections going on.  Then in September, Germany will have its general elections amidst a recession.  Good luck to all candidates!

However, if this one candidate manage to win, I’m gonna have to go buy the next day’s papers just for the headline.

I can winz elekshuns!

I can winz elekshuns!

Local Loser Wins!

Ahh… I just love elections.  In fact, I’m having one light now.

Posted By: Kelvin
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 21 May 2009 @ 3:57 PM 

From the makers of the award-winning Facebook quiz*, comes a brand new one that will blow your mind.  With all new features, such as

  • superb accuracy,
  • guaranteed results,

while keeping all the traditional features of a trusted Facebook quiz intact, such as

  • illogical randomness,
  • useless results,
  • choices which don’t make sense,
  • and Facebook users all-time favourite, flooding other people’s news feed with stuff nobody cares about.

Introducing the “Are you a boy or a girl” Facebook quiz!

This quiz requires no input at all from the quiz taker.  It magically calculates the hormone levels of the user and checks through the user’s Facebook profile to search for information that can be sold to other companies for a profit.

The results are 100% accurate, half of the time!  No other Facebook quiz can provide this level of accuracy consistently!

First listen to what some beta testers have to say.

I am amazed with the accuracy that has been shown by the quiz!  Although it got my gender right the 2nd time, what are the odds? Right?


This quiz not only correctly gave me my gender, it even provided me with product ads which I find extremely relevant to my supposed sexuality!


I’ve always thought that I was a girl trapped in a boy’s body, and after getting the results of the quiz, I am reassured once again that I am a girl.  I can totally use the results printout feature to prove that I am a girl to everyone.  Although the tampons they recommended to me hurt when I used them.

-Betty (formerly Bob)

So act now!  And join in the fun of getting to know your gender and feeling proud publishing it to every single friend you know but doesn’t care.  A perfect last straw that will make your friends “hide” you from their Facebook News Feed page.

Give your comments and share your experience!

Coming soon:  ”Are you currently online?” quiz with 99.9% accuracy.

*Most Famous Non-existent Quiz Which Nobody Knew About Award 2008.

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 07 May 2009 @ 3:45 PM 

First and foremost, for context please read Malaysiakini report.

Remember the day, the 7th of May,
BN’s unjust takeover plot,
I know of no reason,
Why this blatant treason,
Should ever be forgot.

- Kelvin Lew, 7th May 2009.  Modified from Guy Fawkes Night.

Put down everything you are doing, and go to the nearest post office to register as a voter.  Stop the excuses!

Posted By: Kelvin
Last Edit: 08 May 2009 @ 03:54 PM

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