15 Jan 2010 @ 8:45 AM 

@1:29 So Muslim is a race now? Muslims of other race also cannot use Allah?

@1:58 “Tuhan or All… God”, then right after that, “Not Allah is God, never.” So Allah is not God. Okkayyy.

Pity the Mr. K.F. Morat, brought his UPSR karangan and wanted to read but always got interrupted. Hope he knows that he lari tajuk and salah isi. I think what he wanted to say is that Malaysian Islam is new, not the one that “real” Muslims have been practising for centuries.

@9:15 I think he couldn’t find his isi. Tip: Write your own karangan if you want to go on live TV. Use tabs and cross-references if karangan is multi-page. Use a binder. Wear white shirt, and look in camera.

@18:28 If a Muslim is to read the word Allah and be confused because he read it in a bible or from a newspaper called “The Catholic Weekly”, or if he heard it while he is sitting in a church, I think he has bigger problems. Maybe he needs to learn to read first or start to learn how to ask for directions.

I feel that the government should not interfere in the appeal, they should show impartiality by being the mediator and provide a peaceful session for both sides to publicly voice their opinion on national TV. But then again, it’s the Malaysian Government we’re talking about, which were voted by the Malaysian people. So shame on us too.

I wonder why religions are against apostasy or people leaving the “herd”, if you know what I mean. Someone of the faith, please enlighten me on this. I, for one, am for religious scriptures to be written in plain language. Stop all those cryptic writings and explanations. This will cut off the middlemen (scholars, priests, imams and rabbis might be out of work, but then again, isn’t it their duty to ensure that the teachings are correctly interpreted? Achievement unlocked then?) and allow the followers direct access to His teachings. If it’s in the form of Youtube videos with lolcats even better. Now that is sure to reduce apostasy.

Furthermore, I also don’t understand why religions (or is it just the religious leaders) are blaming other religions of trying to convert their followers. If you are doing such a good job, who else can influence your followers to another faith? Think about it. I think it’s the insecure religion (or religious leaders) itself (or themselves) which must reflect on their internal factors of the religion (or teachings) regarding the diminishing of faith. After all, if one’s belief of one’s religion is strong, nothing can shake it.

I am strongly of the opinion that religion only exists in this world because people are weak and need guidance. If a person is of a strong mind, there will be no need for religion. Therefore, I think religion can only be strong, as long as man is weak. Which is exactly what all religions are preaching (almost all, I don’t want to make generalizations of religions I don’t know of). Mind-blowing huh?

To know that there is a greater power than oneself, is submission;

To embrace and understand that the greater power is within oneself, is enlightenment.

- Kelvin Lew, 15 Jan 2010

Are Malay-Muslims in Malaysia sensitive beings? Discuss.

Posted By: Kelvin
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