15 Jan 2010 @ 8:45 AM 

@1:29 So Muslim is a race now? Muslims of other race also cannot use Allah?

@1:58 “Tuhan or All… God”, then right after that, “Not Allah is God, never.” So Allah is not God. Okkayyy.

Pity the Mr. K.F. Morat, brought his UPSR karangan and wanted to read but always got interrupted. Hope he knows that he lari tajuk and salah isi. I think what he wanted to say is that Malaysian Islam is new, not the one that “real” Muslims have been practising for centuries.

@9:15 I think he couldn’t find his isi. Tip: Write your own karangan if you want to go on live TV. Use tabs and cross-references if karangan is multi-page. Use a binder. Wear white shirt, and look in camera.

@18:28 If a Muslim is to read the word Allah and be confused because he read it in a bible or from a newspaper called “The Catholic Weekly”, or if he heard it while he is sitting in a church, I think he has bigger problems. Maybe he needs to learn to read first or start to learn how to ask for directions.

I feel that the government should not interfere in the appeal, they should show impartiality by being the mediator and provide a peaceful session for both sides to publicly voice their opinion on national TV. But then again, it’s the Malaysian Government we’re talking about, which were voted by the Malaysian people. So shame on us too.

I wonder why religions are against apostasy or people leaving the “herd”, if you know what I mean. Someone of the faith, please enlighten me on this. I, for one, am for religious scriptures to be written in plain language. Stop all those cryptic writings and explanations. This will cut off the middlemen (scholars, priests, imams and rabbis might be out of work, but then again, isn’t it their duty to ensure that the teachings are correctly interpreted? Achievement unlocked then?) and allow the followers direct access to His teachings. If it’s in the form of Youtube videos with lolcats even better. Now that is sure to reduce apostasy.

Furthermore, I also don’t understand why religions (or is it just the religious leaders) are blaming other religions of trying to convert their followers. If you are doing such a good job, who else can influence your followers to another faith? Think about it. I think it’s the insecure religion (or religious leaders) itself (or themselves) which must reflect on their internal factors of the religion (or teachings) regarding the diminishing of faith. After all, if one’s belief of one’s religion is strong, nothing can shake it.

I am strongly of the opinion that religion only exists in this world because people are weak and need guidance. If a person is of a strong mind, there will be no need for religion. Therefore, I think religion can only be strong, as long as man is weak. Which is exactly what all religions are preaching (almost all, I don’t want to make generalizations of religions I don’t know of). Mind-blowing huh?

To know that there is a greater power than oneself, is submission;

To embrace and understand that the greater power is within oneself, is enlightenment.

- Kelvin Lew, 15 Jan 2010

Are Malay-Muslims in Malaysia sensitive beings? Discuss.

Posted By: Kelvin
Last Edit: 14 Jan 2010 @ 09:35 PM

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 07 Jan 2010 @ 10:44 PM 

Islam is a beautiful religion, and so are others, but why is it now that we only see Muslims resorting to violence?  Are they being cornered by the other religions?  Is it so hard to be a good Muslim?  Are these so-called defenders of the religion really defending their religion?  Are their rights to profess their religion under attack?

Malaysian church fire-bombed ahead of Muslim protests

AFP – 7 Jan 2010

KUALA LUMPUR — A Christian church in Malaysia has been set ablaze in a fire-bomb attack, church officials said Friday, amid a dispute over the use of the word “Allah” by a Catholic newspaper.

The three-storey Metro Tabernacle church in suburban Kuala Lumpur was partly destroyed in the attack which took place around midnight, said church leader Peter Yeow, 62.

“Witnesses saw four people smash the glass and throw incendiaries into the church building. They came on two motorcycles,” he told AFP at the scene as firefighters investigated the blaze.

There were no casualties in the attack on the church, which occupies the corner lot of a row of shop houses and which Yeow said draws some 1,500 people weekly.

“The fire destroyed the administrative part of the church. We do not know if the prayer hall on the third floor suffered any damage,” he said, warning all other churches to “double their guard” against any attacks.

Muslim groups have vowed to stage nationwide protests Friday over a court ruling last week that allowed a Catholic newspaper to use the word “Allah,” which the government says should be used only by Muslims.

The High Court suspended the ruling on Wednesday, after the government argued the decision could cause racial conflict.

Posted By: Kelvin
Last Edit: 07 Jan 2010 @ 10:44 PM

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 13 Jan 2009 @ 7:22 PM 
It's a one-way street with DRM

It's a one-way street with DRM

I want to share a bit on my current run-in with DRM (Digital Rights Management).  For those who don’t yet know, DRM is evil.  On a more technical note, DRM is some piece of satan spawn which determines arbitrarily whether the piece of digital property you paid for can actually be played by you.

Here’s my story.  Firstly I work with Nokia.  I have a Nokia phone and I buy music from the Nokia Music Store.  But after this, I’ll never buy again.  I have roughly 50 songs from the store (purchased and free).  The songs transferred to the device fine the first time.  But recently I had a new firmware upgrade.  And the nightmare begun.  I have the songs on the memory card and when trying to play the music on the new firmware, it says license invalid.  Fine, I just need to sign in and get the license, no biggie.  Wrong, after signing in, it said license failed and I should buy the song again.  I’m not gonna fork out money again.  So I thought maybe redownloading it might do the trick, since I have them on my download list in my account.

Again, wrong.  Redownloaded music still didn’t want to play.  At this time I thought, hey I have the songs on my PC, why not just transfer them.  Again, DRM sucks ass if you didn’t catch it by now.  Transferring the music from the PC also failed.  It seemed that some DRM creator thought it was a great idea to not allow bought music, which even have limited number of transfers, to be legally transferred.  By this time I thought fuck it, but being the well-mannered gentleman that I am, I decided to search online for help.  Looking in Nokia Discussions, there were others with similar problems.  A suggestion was to transfer the music through Windows Media Player, which I thought might work.

Wrong again.  Media Player spat out an “Unknown error” message.  WTF!  It’s not fucking unknown, it’s the DRM you fuck.  Ok, last chance, I will format the memory card and start afresh.  I have 555MB of data, applications and maps on it.  What a fun night it will be redownloading all the applications and music that I own in the first place.  So, finally after a reformat, the stuff works.  Now I’m redownloading the Maps data and other applications.

So there you have it, another shining example of DRM bringing more trouble to the consumer who actually spent money.  I was wondering why couldn’t I get the license at the first time when it asked me to log in and relicense the music.  After all, a valid login should be enough.  Maybe limit the amount of relicensing per month.  And why should it only work if I have the songs on a PC?  What if my PC is not available with me?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m all for paying the creators for the music, after all it’s their hard work and it doesn’t cost a bomb.  But if people can just pirate music and have it play without any hassles, ethical consumers will slowly change to the dark side.

I like Nokia products and after all I’m an employee.  But Nokia should really buck up in their services area.  Apple is already offering DRM free music and will extend to their entire inventory soon.  Nokia must start to realise that services are not only focused on quantity, availability and diversity but rather the experience the user has.  I could have wrote this in an internal blog but it’s a hassle to set one up just for a rant.  And of all the solutions, they chose Windows Media DRM.facepalm

And Nokia, I do this because I love you.

Posted By: Kelvin
Last Edit: 13 Jan 2009 @ 07:22 PM

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 04 Jun 2008 @ 11:34 AM 

I used to be proud of being a Malaysian. Now I doubt my faith.

And this has nothing to do with oil prices.

Posted By: Kelvin
Last Edit: 04 Jan 2009 @ 11:35 AM

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 29 May 2008 @ 11:34 AM 

I refer to the Malaysiakini article Bringing ‘Impian LRT’ down to earth.

I fully concur with the views of the writer. I would first like to state that I am an avid supporter of public transportation, having lived in Germany for the past four years. As I was growing up in Malaysia, I used the LRT whenever possible. I am however lucky that I do not travel during rush hour and can’t imagine how it would be like to experience that. I was severely disappointed however with the punctuality and professionalism of the feeder bus service which I attributed mainly to the human factor. This might be why Malaysians prefer the automated LRT system.

In my opinion, the implementation of public transportation in Malaysia is akin to a Catch 22 situation. This is because for it to succeed, there must be people willing to use it, and for people to use it, it must prove to be convenient and useful. Currently, I live in a town of roughly 200 thousand people and use public transportation as I have no need and no means to own a car. The bus system in Germany is operated regionally mostly by private companies or half-owned by the government. It is fully integrated with the German rail system and I cannot praise enough the ease and punctuality of the German public transportation system.

I would like to put forward my thoughts and some ideas here to maybe hope that one day public transportation in Malaysia could be as reliable. Please forgive me if any of these ideas were employed before but were unsuccessful as it’s been a long time since I’ve been back.

To combat the perception of the public regarding the unreliability of public transport, I propose a one-month free ride on public transport. Emphasise to the public to try using public transport to their workplace and back, and encourage the public to do it on a Sunday even, so that it would not affect their routine.

As Malaysian roads are congested and infrequent buses would be counterproductive to the cause, impose bus-only lanes on all roads to ensure punctuality of the buses. I reckon punctuality and frequency of the buses are the main grouses of the public. In the end, the discipline of the bus drivers themselves is the main factor. LRT feeder buses used to be frequent in the early days of LRT nut not any more.

Ensure that all school, college and university students and senior citizens are given a substantial discount. I propose an unlimited ride system for the duration of minimum one semester or six months on all serviced regions for a price of less than RM200. I compare this to the system in my former German town where 80 Euros allows me to have unlimited rides on my regional public transportation for six months.

Have well-sheltered bus stops at least for stops heading into the city. Each stop must have a map stating the routes serviced, bus schedule, price info, and an elevated ramp to cater for people with disabilities.

Eliminate the gate-control system where bottlenecks occur. Implement instead the ‘spot check’ system where non-uniformed inspectors with relevant IDs will patrol the bus routes and check for valid tickets in the bus or LRT etc. Violators are issued fines immediately and substantially to discourage repeat violations but not too high a high which encourages defaulting on fines or corruption. A proposal of RM50 for the first offence is suggested. The shame of being caught red-handed in public is punishment enough for some.

Have a well-maintained website, a working telephone info service and emphasis to pre-buy tickets before boarding to avoid long queues. Vending machines at busy stops would be a good idea. Offer substantial discounts for travellers with day, weekly, monthly, group tickets. To take an example from my German town: EUR 1.75 per trip (or 60 mins whichever shorter), EUR 4.80 (unlimited day ticket), EUR 6 (group of five, unlimited day), EUR 15 (single weekly), EUR44 (single monthly).

Other more obvious factors are ensuring a well-maintained infrastructure, responsible and well-informed employees and the political will and integrity to make this happen (with huge emphasis on integrity).

With this I hope that the impian of many Malaysians to one day have a world-class public transportation system in Malaysia will be a reality. Mine included.

Originally published in Letters to the Editor in Malaysiakini on 29 May 2008. Available here.

Posted By: Kelvin
Last Edit: 04 Jan 2009 @ 11:34 AM

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 12 May 2007 @ 10:39 AM 

If you’ve been a worshipper of me, you would have known that I’m sort of greak (gadget freak). I’m currently contemplating whether I should buy the Sony Playstation 3 and a HDTV now.

Firstly, there are some reasons that are against my purchasing of the above products. The PS3 has a serious lack of games that excites me currently. Most are fighting games which I’m not very interested unless there is someone to play with me (Cirnelle!). FPS games which I prefer to play with a mouse and keyboard. Resistance: Fall of man has sweet graphics but graphics isn’t the first priority. Then there are racing games such as Motorstorm and Formula 1 (which I tried but the game feels too easy and the graphics are nothing like the screenshots. Didn’t give me the wow factor and the cars look too shiny and plasticky).

Besides the games, there is of course the price factor but not really a big factor. Then there is the rumour factor of Sony wanting to upgrade the device with larger this, more that etc.

To enjoy all these at its full 1080p glory, I need a HDTV (rather FullHD resolution). And here price is a big thing. The cheapest so far that suits my sensitive senses and my high expectations is the Samsung 40M86BD. I think I need a bigger house and a bigger paycheck.

Then comes the devil, pulling me and persuading me to go out and get those babies home NOW!

Since I’m doing my practical now, I’ve got some time on my hands to relax and enjoy the razor sharp details till my eyes bleed. Because later on when I resume my studies, there might be less time.

There is also the factor of lack of games for the PS2. Everywhere it’s XBox360 or PS3 games (Wii doesn’t excite me). Then there are games like Metal Gear Solid 4, FFXIII, GTA IV and Gran Turismo 5. OK, let me first mop up the drool on the floor, ahem.

Decisions, decisions, decisions. They say “life is full of decisions”, but they forgot to add that “only if you don’t have a shitload of money”. Cause I think at the end of the day, it will always boil down to money.

So guys (and gals), make the person you worship happier by sending me money (or downloading Firefox from the link at the sidebar, join Adsense or visit the sponsors).

Posted By: Kelvin
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 30 Jan 2007 @ 12:01 AM 

I was thinking, down the road, when I get my five minutes centuries of fame and it might go something like this:

Jay Leno: Kelvin, congratulations on saving the world once again from the clutches of Dr. Evil. What would we do without you?

Kelvin: Well, Jay. It’s just another day as President of the Earth. Your chin looks great.

JL: Thank you Kelvin. I just had a chin job. So, you’ve invented renewable energy, cured cancer and impotency, eradicated racism and instilled world peace. We can only wonder, what’s next in that brilliant mind of yours?

K: It just comes natural to me, Jay. Like what every beauty pageant contestant in the past 20 years said, “My motivation is to put a smile on every person’s face and make the world a better place.” I wake up every day and ask myself, what can I do to make another person happy.

JL: You were in show business and won every award out there from best actor, best director, best movie, best song, best on screen kiss, best scene of a guy doing nothing, and even best actress (Kelvin’s note: That’s a story for another day). Why did you stop?

K: Acting is just that, acting. I am sick of being someone I’m not. At the end of the day, Tobey Maguire can’t shoot webs, Mark Hamill can’t use the Force and Britney Spears can’t sing. I want to do something more fulfilling, something that is me. Hence, my contribution to mankind.

JL: Your close friends said that you have a wicked sense of humour and it cracks them up all the time. What kind of humour?

K: Why don’t you check my site out at Kelvin-Lew.com?

We then proceed to close our eyes and log on to the Internet (our brains are connected directly to the Internet in the future). Hence the reason I wrote this article.

I would say my sense of humour is loosely based on the types I’m going to explain below. I’m not a natural born comedian and neither do I have a witty mind, but I do sometimes come out with stuff that cracks my friends (mostly the missus) up. If you happen to meet me in person (all 2 of you), don’t expect me to make you laugh and all, I need to warm up to the person and feel comfortable enough before I get into the zone. I’m a bit shy (yeah, right).

I still remember I had a crowd in stitches with a spontaneous act with this guy. It was a church gathering and we got away swearing on stage. Good times.


If you happened to browse through my photos on this site, you might notice that you don’t get the captions. Well, it means you’re witless or a plain dumbass. But whatever. My biggest influence had to be the tonnes of FHM that I read.  It’s the UK edition mind you.  Not the “cleaner than ‘Knitting for Grandmothers’ FHM Malaysian Edition”. Even the Bible is racier, what with the Virgin Mary and all.  FHM readers will know what I’m talking about.

Lame or 冷

James Bond is all prepared for his next assignment in Taiwan.

James Bond is all prepared for his next assignment in Taiwan.

My main influence of this kind of humour is the guy on the left, Jacky Wu (吴宗宪), a taiwanese entertainer. Watching his shows since secondary school and even more recently, helped me attain a level of lameness so profound that scholars might one day write a paper on it. He has the ability to think on his feet and tell lame jokes which attracts audiences to his every show. For an example of 冷笑话:

我说一个感人的故事给你听…”给我滚!”. 我再说一个很感人的故事…”快给我滚!”

To the bananas who don’t understand, too bad. Go learn chinese. And those who can read chinese but still don’t get it, congratulations, you are not lame because you still can walk (now THAT’S lame).

Besides that, I would like to thank my friends and the missus on putting up with me all these years. For laughing when getting it, and for faking a laugh when not getting it. But mostly for refraining from punching me in the crotch.


It’s hard to explain this. Read this comic, and read this blog I did while I had too much time on my hands which was a parody of the now locked Cirnelle’s.

Posted By: Kelvin
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 07 Jan 2007 @ 2:46 PM 

Personally it’s hard NOT to know how to blog. I mean take a look at the definition at Wikipedia, it covers almost every angle of writing and publishing on the web. As long as you can put coherent words (or even incoherent for some) together, it’s a blog!

I started this website with trying not to make it into a blog. But how do I do it?

If I start posting close up headshots of myself, I’m a camwhore blogger, if I like to talk about my glorious manhood, it’s a blog. If I start to write about things that I love, it’s also a blog. Heck I think I’ll start hating everyone, talk about politics in my country or write chinese poetry. Even those are blogs.

Wait, I’ll put ‘em all in together. I’ll have politicians camwhoring their manhood while reciting incoherently chinese poetry. What about the hate, you ask? Well, everybody hates politicians.

Posted By: Kelvin
Last Edit: 03 Jan 2009 @ 02:47 PM

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